I’ve Seen Versions Of These Now A Few Times And I Really Do Love The Look, And Though This Particular Scarf Doesn’t Come With A Pattern, They Seem Pretty Basic To Figure Out. Hmm, I Can Think Of A Few People That Would Like One

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I Want Riding Boots In This Color…why Is It Every Pair I Find Is Over $200?? And While They Are Definitely Better Quality Than The $50 Ones I’ve Found. I Just Have A Hard Time Justifying It.

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Huh… I Normally Do Not Like That Burgundy Color But This Actually Works?! With Cowboy Boots Too. I’ve Been Proven Wrong.

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I’ve Been Saying That I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In These Floral Patterns That Look Like What I Wore As A Child That Are Making A Comeback….until I Saw This Photo…. So I Guess You Can Just Call Me Zombie Lindsey Then? – Lr

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Mac ‘haute & Naughty Lash’ Mascara – M·a·c ‘haute & Naughty Lash’ Mascara. It Makes The Eyes Pop So It Looks Like You’re Wearing False Lashes. I’ve Tried Hundreds Of Mascaras & This One Is By Far My Favorite.

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