I Love This!! Just Need A Place To Wear It Other Than An Abandoned Warehouse In The Winter…

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Bramblewood Fashion | Modest Fashion Blog: I ? Thursday {no. 54}… Ugh! I Could Have Bought That Sweater On Clearance For $1 The Other Day… Why Did I Not Buy That Sweater???

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Pink-and-only-pink. I Almost Bought A Necklace Just Like This The Other Day But Haley Said It Had Too Much Going On. I’m Going Back And Getting It!

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I Love The Idea Of Stackable Wedding Rings.. You Can Take Off The Engagement Ring But Still Wear The Other Ones!

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Notice How The Colors Compliment Each Other, But Aren’t ‘match-y’. His Shoes, However, Are In The Same Color Scheme And Are A Cute Detail.

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