High Waist Hot Shorts – Black – Flatters The Waist, Adorable Outfit Overall, Wish There Was Some Mesh Across The Deep V

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1950S Black Cat Eye Glasses Eyewear Mad Men Fall Style Halloween – 1950’s Cat Eye Glasses By B & L: From The Days When Vintage Was Old Fashioned And Retro Was Stylish. What Goes Around Comes Around. $65#eyeglasses #catEyeGlasses

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The Denim Outfit Of The Year 2012 Contest Is Sponsored One Of The Leading Online Retailers Of Premium Denim Singer22.com. Each Day (mon-fri) We Highlight A Different Outfit, Then At The Weekend We Have A Vote On Which Was…

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A Twist On Sprucing Up Ripped Jeans. Nice Alternative To Putting Lace Underneath (even Though I Like That, Too!)*just Told My Husband I Was Doing This, This Morning!!!

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These Are The Same Freaking Shoes I Saw In Santiago And Didn’t Buy Because I Was Hoping To Find Them Cheaper Elsewhere But Never Did..i Never Knew I Could Have So Much Regret Over Not Buying Something !

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I Actually Used To Wear An Outfit Very Similar To This, Even Down To The Shoes, But The Shoes Wore Out & My Jacket Was Lost When I Forgot It At The Airport In Madrid! 8-/

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Who Would Think Such A Statement Style Of Shades Could Be So Universally Flattering? Here’s The Breakdown Of Which Color Was Perfection On Our Team Members… Aneta = Pale Blue, Emilee = Tortoiseshell, Jenette = Matte Black, Sara = White, Me = I Can’t Decide Which I Love Most!

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A Couple Of Weeks Ago, I Was In The Market For A New Pair Of Flats. I Turned To You To Help Me Find A Perfect Pair — That Go-to Pair That You Just Want To Wear Every Day. As It Turns Out, Our Readers Know Their Shoes. Check Out These 18 Pairs Of Flats, As Picked By You.

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I Like This More Casual Outfit As It Suits Everyday Life At College. This Would Be A Good Idea If My Model On The Front Cover Of My Maagzine Was To Wear Something Simular To This.

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